How to Pro Nana "Mobile Legends Tips 2023"

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How to Pro Nana - Mobile Legends Tips 2023. Nana is a mage hero in Mobile Legends, with a small and cute body, who belongs to the support disabler type. In the early game, Nana can be quite troublesome for opponents due to her skills' relatively short cooldown. This allows her to spam her abilities easily.

She was released in 2016 and is typically played in the mid lane as a Poke/Guard specialist.

Nana is a small and cute fairy who lives in the Enchanted Forest. When she lost control, she accidentally unleashed powerful magic that hurt everyone. Feeling guilty, Nana decided to leave. After learning about this, Miya, who is also a fairy, decided to go with her and search for Nana. When Miya found Nana, she taught her how to control her magic. Nana eventually mastered her abilities and decided to follow Miya and her little rabbit Molina.


Nana’s Skill

Pasif : Molina’s Gift

Nana's skills include Molina's Gift, which allows her to transform into Molina when she is about to die and escape.

Skill 1: Magic Boomerang

Her first skill is Magic Boomerang, which enables her to throw a boomerang that hits opponents twice if they are in the same position.

Skill 2 : Molina Smooch

Her second skill is Molina Smooch, which sends Molina to automatically chase opponents in the battlefield, turning them into Molina.

Ultimate Skill : Molina Blitz

Her ultimate skill is Molina Blitz, which lets Nana attack three times in front of her with a large AoE and stun opponents for several seconds. The damage for these skills ranges from 220 to 680, with cooldowns ranging from 4 to 36 seconds.


Build's Nana

To maximize Nana's skills, choosing the right items is crucial. Here are some recommended items for the most powerful Nana build:

1. Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots increase Nana's early game damage, making farming quicker and easier.

Attributes: +40 Movement Speed, +10 Magic Penetration

2. Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny not only increases damage but also boosts Nana's durability to prevent her from dying easily.

Attributes: +60 Magic Power, +615 HP, +600 Mana

3. Lightning Truncheon’s

Lightning Truncheon's passive effect is very useful for mage heroes like Nana, and the added cooldown reduction is also beneficial.

Attributes: +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana, +10% Cooldown Reduction

4. Genius Wand

Genius Wand is the right choice for Nana when facing tank heroes, as it provides magic penetration and movement speed.

Attributes: +75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, +10 Magic Penetration

5. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal is an essential item for mage heroes, providing a significant boost in magic power, and the passive effect enhances magic attacks, making it the best option for Nana.

Attributes: +100 Magic Power

6. Blood Wings

Blood Wings make Nana stronger in the late game, as the added shield and HP make her more difficult to defeat.

Attributes: +175 Magic Power, +500 HP


Nana's Battle Spell 

For the battle spell, Flameshoot is the best choice for Nana, providing additional damage and knockback to enemy heroes.


Nana's Emblem

Regarding the emblem, there are various emblems available in Mobile Legends, but the most suitable emblem for Nana is the Mage Emblem, with the following talent choices:

Talent 1 (Mastery): Reduce skill cooldown.

Talent 2 (Observation): Increase magic penetration.

Talent 3 (Magic Worship): Inflict a burning effect on enemies.

Reference: Nana Mobile Legends  

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