How to PRO Balmond (Fighter) - Mobile Legends 2023

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How to Pro Balmond Mobile Legends. Balmond is a hero in Mobile Legends with the role of fighter and tank, making him suitable for playing as an Offlaner. Balmond is often chosen as an Offlaner fighter playing in the exp lane because he has quick skills to clear minions and level up fast. He also has strong lifesteal, making it difficult to penetrate his defense.

Balmond can be an executioner and a savior with his ultimate ability that deals high damage.

At the start of the game, Balmond is already powerful, especially when using the right items. He can be the key to winning the match. This hero with strong regen damage requires a combination of appropriate items, build, spell, and emblem.

Here's the strongest Balmond build used by Mobile Legends esports players and top global players in every match.



Passive Skill: Bloodthirst

Balmond's passive skill can recover 8% of his maximum HP when successfully clearing minions and 20% of his HP when defeating enemy heroes.

Skill 1: Soul Lock

Balmond will dash towards a designated direction, and if he hits an enemy, they will take +150 (+60% of total physical attack) physical damage. The enemy hit by the dash will also be affected by a 30% slow effect for 2 seconds.

Skill 2: Cyclone Sweep

Balmond will spin with his axe, dealing +50 (+50 of total physical attack) physical damage to enemies hit by the axe's rotation. Balmond's damage will also increase by 25% to 100% each time an opponent is hit by this skill.

Skill 3: Lethal Counter

Balmond's ultimate skill involves striking his axe on the ground, dealing 400 (+60% of total physical attack) + 20% damage of the enemy's HP. Enemies hit by Balmond's ultimate skill will also be affected by a 40% slow effect for 2 seconds and take 1300 damage for non-hero targets such as minions or jungle monsters.


Top 6 Balmond Item Builds for Mobile Legends in 2023 

1. Warrior Boots

Balmond needs warrior boots for defense and mobility. It provides +40 movement speed and +22 physical defense. Its unique passive increases physical defense by 5 per enemy basic attack received, up to a maximum of 25 stacks for 3 seconds.

2. Bloodlust Axe

Balmond benefits from lifesteal to regenerate health while using his skills. Bloodlust Axe provides +70 physical attack, 10% cooldown reduction, and lifesteal.

3. Brute Force Breastplate

As a semi-tank hero, Balmond requires defensive items. Brute Force Breastplate provides +770 HP and +45 physical defense, and its unique passive grants 3% movement speed, physical, and magical defense, stackable up to 5 times for 4 seconds.

4. War Axe

War Axe is suitable for Balmond's skill-based playstyle. It provides +55 physical attack, +550 HP, and 10% cooldown reduction. Its unique passive increases physical attack as Balmond fights.

5. Cursed Helmet

Balmond can use Cursed Helmet to counter mages. It provides +1200 HP and +25 magical defense. Its unique passive deals magic damage equal to 1.5% of the enemy's HP, and when near minions, the magic power increases up to 50%.

6. Queen’s Wings

Queen's Wings is useful to avoid assassins. It reduces damage received by 40% when Balmond's health is below 40%.


Using the above build, you can easily climb up the Mobile Legends rankings to the highest tier. Other hero users can also try the Zilong, Alucard, or Miya builds for high damage output.

Balmond's Spells and Emblem should also be optimized to make him unbeatable in the Land of Dawn. 


For his spell, Balmond is recommended to use execute for off-laning, but can switch to flicker if facing unfavorable matchups.


As for his emblem, the Festival of Blood emblem, which increases lifesteal by 8%, is the latest update and must-have for Balmond. Alternatively, he can use the assassin emblem Killing Spree, combined with agility and invasion.

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These are the strongest and most powerful build items for Balmond that you can use to quickly become a top global Balmond player. Don't forget to share this article with your friends so they can also use this item build.