How to PRO Miya "Mobile Legends Tips 2023"

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Miya, a marksman hero, is one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends. Her signature bow and arrow has made her famous among the players. She has undergone several reworks by the developers to improve her skills and appearance. With the latest rework, she is now competitive with other heroes, new or old, and can even be played as a hyper carry.


Miya's skills are as follows:

Passive Moon Blessing: Increases her attack speed and movement speed by 5%, stackable up to 4 times, lasting for 2 seconds.

Skill 1 Moon Arrow: 

Fires two arrows that deal physical damage to enemy targets. The primary arrow deals 10 physical damage (+100% total physical attack) to the enemy, while the secondary arrow has a damage effect of 30%, lasting for 4 seconds and can be increased based on the skill level.

Skill 2 Arrow of Eclipse: 

Fires a volley of arrows from the sky on a designated area. Enemies hit by this skill will be immobilized for 1.2 seconds and slowed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Skill 3 Hidden Moonlight: 

Removes all debuffs from herself and becomes invisible for 2 seconds, increasing her movement speed by 35%.


Miya's Build

To maximize Miya's potential, here are some of the strongest and most effective items for her:

1. Swift Boots: 
Increases attack speed by 15% and movement speed by 40.

2. Scarlet Phantom: 
Increases attack speed by 20%, critical strike chance by 25%, and physical attack by 30. The unique passive of this item increases the hero's attack speed by 30% and critical strike chance by 5% for 2 seconds, making her attacks more deadly.

3. Haas's Claws: 
Haas's Claws is an item that provides 20% lifesteal and +70 physical attack. Its unique passive gives an additional 10% physical lifesteal when your HP falls below 40%. It's recommended for marksman heroes with low HP because it allows them to regain health while attacking. 

4. Berserker's Fury:
Berserker's Fury is an item that increases critical hit effects on your hero by providing +40% critical damage, +25% critical chance, and +65 physical attack. Its unique passive increases your hero's physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds.

5. Windtalker:
Windtalker is an item that provides +10% critical damage, +20 movement speed, and +40% attack speed. It helps increase the speed of your attacks and the agility of your hero's movement to avoid enemy attacks.

Its unique passive makes the next basic attack deal 150 to 362 magic damage, and increases additional movement speed by 5%.

6. Blade of Despair:
Blade of Despair is an item that makes your hero's damage stronger when the enemy's HP is below 50%. It provides +160 physical attack and 5% movement speed. Its unique passive increases your hero's physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds when the enemy's HP is below 50%.

It's recommended for Miya because it has the highest physical attack compared to other items and makes her attacks stronger and more painful. By using the right build, it's possible to easily rank up in ML to Mythical Glory.


Miya's Spell

The recommended battle spell for Miya is Flicker, which can be used to escape and chase enemies. Although Miya's ultimate can also be used to escape, it's important for a hyper carry like Miya to have a backup escape plan when in critical situations.


Miya's Emblem

The best emblem for a strong and powerful Miya build is the Assassin emblem, combining the Killing Spree effect with Agility and Fatality. Alternatively, the Marksman emblem can also be used with the Weakness Finder effect combined with Fatal + Doom. Both emblems will increase Miya's strength and power.


In addition to Miya, you can also check out the recommended builds for other heroes such as Zilong, Alucard, and Balmond.

Reference: build miya tersakit

These are the recommended strongest and most powerful Miya builds that you can try if you want to become a hyper carry in your team. I hope this is helpful!